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HR OIPS Pricing

Membership fee – All or just one of the data collection can be used for a single organization. The costs of using the system reflects size of the organizations. The membership fee is $1.00 per employee per year. A 500 employee organization will pay $500 per year and a 10,000 employee organization will pay $10,000 per year.

Usage Fees – There are four analytical tools and are listed below.

Human Resources Strategy, Policy and Programs comparisons – This set of analytical tools which allow an organization to make comparisons of all three levels of information with a sample of organizations is part of the annual membership and allows unlimited in usage.

Human Resources Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence – This set of analytical tools is priced on an “event” basis. For each specific acquisition or merger even there is a flat fee of $25,000 regardless of the items compared or number of analysis.

People Strategy Investing – This set of analytical tools is priced also on usage basis. For each organization analyzed the cost is $50,000.

Organization Design – The use of these tools are on an organization size and query basis and are $100 times the number of employees in the organization.