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The HR OIPS System

HR OIPS System

The HR OIPS System – Human Resources Organizational Impact of People Strategy

Grahall’s HR OIPS is a sophisticated multi-layered data system for gathering information on Human Resources Strategy, Policies and Programs that can be utilized to analyze and compare HR strategy, Policies and Programs to make informed decisions in four important areas.

The system is highly accurate, effective, and now through Grahall’s efforts user friendly.

Understanding the how people strategy, human resource policies and programs a) compare to other organizations, b) need to be evaluated during a merger or acquisition, c) impact the effectiveness of the organization and d) can be used to build more effective organization design is the baseline for the next decade. Once this information is understood in a thoughtful and disciplined manner, the key people strategy decisions can be made in a more informed manner.

How does it work? The HR OIPS approach provides a choice of over 50 Questionnaires at three different levels. The Strategic level, the policy level and the program level. This system produces outputs immediately by using expert system logic developed by the leading Human Resource consultants in the country. These consultants have over 45 years each of experience and hundreds of installations. HR OIPS has captured their intellectual capital and created this software and corresponding algorithms to allow less experienced individuals to use the system for their organizations.

The organizational impact of people strategy platform answers important questions that connect people to business results. Focused on providing strategic insights, policy development requirements and program design to make better people decisions and plans, and connecting those decisions directly to business outcomes, the Organization Impact of People Strategy platform enables strategic excellence within HR.

Focused on providing all three levels of insights to enable better decision making in four key areas the HR Organization Impact of People Strategy OIPS enables strategic excellence within HR.